What We Do


Integrated Service

An integrated service offered by our organisation to promote organisational sustainability through Community, Corporate, Business Enterprise Development (ED) and Employee-Based income generating activities and projects.


The unique part however is, that training programmes will run alongside work opportunities. An example of this could be someone may not have the fine motor skills to sand and paint a cupboard or make a craft item, but they may excel at customer facing and therefore could work in an identified business opportunity. It is our job to find the skills in people and not shoe-horn people into roles that may not be appropriate.

Aims To Assist

The Down Syndrome Association Gauteng, aims to assist unemployed Mothers of | and Youth, Adults with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, to move closer to the employment arena. The bespoke training programme will focus on developing independence and confidence skills, whilst developing more practical skills.

Change The World

No matter their size, charities and volunteer groups all have two aims. One is to change the world in some way – be it big or small – and the other is to reduce their dependence on grants. While funding bodies may like to put money into exciting projects, it’s the relatively mundane yet important things – paying the electricity bill, staff salaries or the rent – the so called “core funding” that most organisations have sleepless nights about.

The following activities and services form part of the Work Creation Programme :

* Job Skills Training | Work Opportunities
* Community, Corporate and Employee Partnerships and Projects which create organisational sustainability and employment opportunities for unemployed mothers of | and youth, adults with Down syndrome and other learning disabilities.